Who Invented The Paper Plate?

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Who Invented The Paper Plate?

When you head to the park for sandwiches and chips, you definitely don't want to bring your fancy china plate from home. You also don't want to have your food on your lap. That's when the handy paper plate comes in handy.

Modern paper plates are lightweight but tough. You can use them to put almost anything you want on top. There's also no need to clean them after use, just throw them in the trash or reusable container along with the leftover single-use items and you're done! Paper plates are so beneficial you might think they've actually been around for a long time. But in fact, they have existed for about 100 years.

The invention of the paper plate is often credited to Martin Keyes. In the late 19th century, Keyes is believed to have observed employees of a New York veneer factory eating slender scraps of maple veneer at lunch. The resourcefulness of these employees prompted Keyes to start thinking about disposable cutlery.

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Over the next 2 years, Keyes will definitely be hard at work developing a brand new machine that mashes wood pulp and molds it into paper trays. Once he finished his machine, he tried to patent it, but he found out that someone had misappropriated his concept. Using his daily diary as evidence, Case effectively settled the issue in court and eventually obtained a license for his paper plate device.

With the help of relatives and other investors, Case established the Case Fiber business and began producing paper plates in 1904. Soon, other competitors entered the market, making cheaper paper trays to replace the ones made by Case. However, his sales were boosted by an unfavorable disaster: the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire sparked a flood of demand for paper plates.

Today, paper plates can be found in many homes. They're very convenient to use, and they're usually not terribly expensive. While most paper trays are solid white, they also come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. In addition to using paper trays for various foods, you can use paper trays for a range of other things. For example, many people who like to craft will use paper plates to make various handmade arts.

And as people pay attention to environmental protection now, paper plates, as a product that can be explained naturally and are good for the environment, are also loved by more people.

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