Packaging Paper That Cannot Come Into Direct Contact With Food

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Packaging Paper That Cannot Come Into Direct Contact With Food

With the continuous development of the paper industry, paper classification is becoming more and more refined. Today we will talk to you about the topic of food packaging paper, let us start with a meal of KFC.

I believe that when everyone goes to eat KFC, you will find a piece of paper on the tray of KFC. There will also be a line of fine print on this paper: Do not put food on the paper. But when some people eat French fries, they still pour the French fries on this piece of paper, and then pour the ketchup on top of it and eat it. In fact, this is very unsanitary. This is because this type of paper is mainly produced from recycled paper (office waste paper, newsprint, etc. are the main raw materials), and there is a layer of ink on the surface. Experts in the printing industry pointed out that most of the printing inks on the surface of the plate paper and food packaging boxes contain benzene-based substances. Once oil-based substances are encountered, organic dyes will be dissolved and adhere to the oil-containing foods.If these substances accumulate in the human body for a long time, they will cause certain harm to human health. Even if an environmentally friendly ink that does not contain benzene is used, the ink itself cannot directly contact food. Customers should pay more attention to their dining habits and try not to put food directly on the plate paper.

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If you order a hamburger, the waiter will give you a box with a hamburger inside. This is food-grade coated white cardboard. The production of this type of paper will use all wood pulp. The production process will also try to control the addition of chemicals, and some food-grade chemicals will also be required. This type of paper has a higher hardness and a higher whiteness, and can be in contact with food.

If you order another chicken drumstick or spicy wing, these foods will be packed in a small paper bag. This paper bag is a bit hard and brittle in the hand. This kind of packaging paper is mainly produced by chemical mechanical pulp, and some of it will be covered with a layer of PE film or coated to resist oil. This type of paper can also contact food.

Finally, if you want to pack food, you will be given a kraft paper bag when packing. This kind of wrapping paper is mainly made of long fibers (pine, fir, etc.), and the pulp is all original color and has not been bleached. This kind of paper has good purity, high burst resistance, can contact food, and is also suitable for outer packaging, and its appearance looks very environmentally friendly.

In summary, there are some packaging papers that are not up to food grade. These papers should not be in direct contact with food. Of course, the printed side of the paper is not recommended to be in direct contact with food.

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