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After Sales Support
  • Logistics Follow-up
    (1) Ship the product and inform the buyer of the relevant shipping information.
    (2) Arrive at the customs to remind the shipping related progress.
    (3) Reach the destination and remind the buyer to pick up the goods.
  • Technical Support
    Provide customers with after-sales product instructions, installation videos, and various technical support.
  • Return and exchange service
    (1) Reply to the buyer's return request within 3 working days.
    (2) Within 6 months, if the product is damaged due to its own functional problems, it can be returned.
    (3) If the return is due to a serious discrepancy between the item and the description, we will bear the freight.
    (4) The refund will be returned within 6 working days after the returned item tracking information shows that the item has been delivered. The refund includes the item price and the original shipping cost (for returns that are seriously inconsistent with the description, if the buyer needs to send the item back, the seller will also return it). Requires return shipping).
    (5) For lower-priced items, a full refund is available.
    (6) Support written communication such as mail to return and exchange.
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