Introduction To Packaging Printing

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Introduction To Packaging Printing

Packaging printing is printing with various packaging materials as the carrier, and decorative patterns, patterns or text are printed on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more descriptive, so as to transmit information and increase sales. Packaging printing includes the printing of packaging cartons, packaging bottles, packaging cans, etc. Packaging printing occupies a large proportion in both the printing industry and the packaging industry, and is an indispensable part of packaging engineering. Packaging printing includes relief printing, offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, orifice printing and other printing methods. The main elements of printing are paper, ink, color and so on. Packaging printing needs to take into account issues such as economy and environmental protection, and at the same time, it needs to be able to completely and well express the information that needs to be printed.

1. Reproducibility

The printing industry is a special processing industry whose task is to copy the graphic information in the original manuscript, which is the basis and foundation of the printing job. From an information point of view, the printing process is a process of digitization of analog information-digital information processing-digital information analog reproduction.

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2. Artistic

Printing is the crystallization of technology and art, and has always been recognized by the world as "sacred art" and "mother of civilization". The process of copying the original is also a process of artistic processing. Printers should have a certain ability of artistic appreciation, and need to accurately grasp the artistic characteristics and style of the original manuscript. At the same time, printers should adopt appropriate reproduction methods and techniques to reproduce the charm of the original manuscript and enhance its artistic expression through image processing.

As we all know, today's society has developed to the point where all commodities need to be packaged and all packages need to be printed. Printing is one of the most important decoration processing methods for product packaging. Printing plays a role in conveying information and promoting products. At the same time, for some commodities, printing also plays an important anti-counterfeiting role. Today's packaging and printing are developing in the direction of being more exquisite and increasing the added value of goods. Because the industry is developing rapidly and the current market is fiercely competitive. In order to compete, companies are likely to purchase inferior and harmful printing materials that are not conducive to environmental protection. If we want to curb the harm and pollution of people and the environment caused by vicious competition in order to reduce costs, we must start with the packaging and printing companies themselves.

Today's environmental problems are getting worse. Vigorously developing green packaging is a concrete manifestation of the circular economy in the packaging and printing industry. This is also an essential requirement for the development of a circular economy and a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept and it is also a powerful measure to build a resource-saving society and promote harmony between man and nature.

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