Factors Affecting Packaging Development

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Factors Affecting Packaging Development

Packaging has a long history. Almost all items in our lives are inseparable from packaging. So what are the factors that affect the development of packaging?

1.The development of consumer awareness factor

Packaging is designed to serve consumers, so considering packaging design from the perspective of consumer habits and preferences is the most basic aspect. Therefore, changes in consumer awareness have an important impact on packaging design. In today's rapid development of scientific and technological information, consumer consciousness has undergone great changes, and packaging is not only used to package items. From the perspective of the development of packaging in the 20th century, the emergence of packaging such as POP packaging, portable packaging, cans, pressure spray packaging, and vacuum packaging are all the result of consumer demand. Now that the Internet age has come, the Internet has brought great convenience to people's shopping. New consumption patterns such as online transactions and online shopping are slowly being accepted by more and more people. With the popularity of online shopping, the packaging of e-commerce products has also undergone tremendous changes.

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2. The development of product circulation factor

The modernization of commodity circulation can gradually "get smaller" the world. Nowadays, people can buy goods from all over the world in shopping malls in Beijing, such as beef from the United States, fruit from France, salmon from Norway, etc. These all depend on the high efficiency of commodity circulation and the increasingly sophisticated level of packaging and transportation. The internationalization of commerce is a characteristic of modern social and economic development, and the packaging design industry is also adapting to this trend of international development. To meet the needs of international modern business, packaging design plays a pivotal role. The packaging should ensure that the products are not affected by temperature, dryness and wetness, squeezing, vibration, light etc. It also needs to adapt to modern-scale containerization, storage, and transportation.

3. Technical demand for new products factor

With the development of human civilization, new products continue to emerge, and these new products also pose new challenges to packaging design. How to protect and retain these products, how to let them safely enter the field of smooth flow, and how to succeed in trade and sales. These new topics have promoted the continuous updating and improvement of packaging structure, materials, vision, etc., so as to meet the needs of new products. And with the improvement of new product technology, new requirements have also been put forward on the packaging.

4. Marketing factors

Marketing is a sales science based on consumer psychology. In the fierce market competition, because of the improvement of technology and the gradual regulation of the market, consumers can no longer easily distinguish products only in terms of quality. In this case, how can businesses convince consumers? This requires businesses to find the personality of their products, that is, the difference from others, or to create this difference. At this time, differentiated packaging design played a big role.

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