What Are The Functions And Significance Of Packaging

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What Are The Functions And Significance Of Packaging

Packaging is an indispensable part of various products, so what are the functions and significance of packaging?

1. Protection function

The protection function is the most basic function of packaging design. The other functions of packaging design can only continue to be designed on the premise that the protection function is realized. The protection function refers to the protection of the items inside the package, so that the items are not subject to external impact, and to prevent damage or deterioration of the contents caused by light, moisture, etc. The structure and material of the packaging are directly related to the protective function of the packaging.

2. Sales function

The sales function is a function derived in the process of business economics in society and the market. The quality of product packaging directly affects product sales. The graphic description of the packaging can guide consumers to consume the product correctly, and at the same time it reflects the cultural taste of a specific product, giving people a pleasant feeling and creating added value.

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3. Circulation function

The product has a process of circulation, and the packaging of the product must adapt to this process of the product. Good packaging should be easy to handle and transport, and can be stored securely during storage. In short, the function of packaging is to protect products, convey product information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase the added value of products. As a comprehensive discipline, packaging design has the dual nature of combining commodities and art.

A successful packaging design must have the following key points: protection functions, marketing functions, appearance patterns, trademark impressions, descriptions of functions and characteristics, refinement of selling points and selling point image culture, etc.

The current development trend of packaging mainly has the following points.

1) Green packaging design suitable for environmental protection

2) Packaging design suitable for highlighting the personalization of commodities

3) Packaging design for e-commerce sales of modern goods suitable

4) packaging design of security and anti-counterfeiting function

Nowadays, strengthening the visual effects of packaging design and strengthening the packaging and printing industry technology has become a powerful weapon in the fight against counterfeiting and rights protection. We can use special texture paper, specific pigments and packaging design technology such as holographic images, authenticity inspection seals, bas-relief embossing, etc. to obtain specific effects in packaging design. In this way, those counterfeit and inferior goods can be retreated due to excessive copying costs or unrealistic effects. Therefore, the combination of innovative methods of packaging design and the integration of high-tech achievements in the printing industry, and the pursuit of originality and unique visual effects are another direction for the sustainable development of the packaging design industry in the future.

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