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  • Who Invented The Paper Plate?


    When you head to the park for sandwiches and chips, you definitely don't want to bring your fancy china plate from home. You also don't want to have your food on your lap. That's when the handy paper plate comes in handy. Read More

  • What Kind Of Paper Lunch Box Is A Good Paper Lunch Box?


    If you're a restaurant owner looking for paper lunch boxes for your delivery or takeaway food? So how should you distinguish a good lunch box from a bad lunch box at this time? Read More

  • How To Start A Toilet Paper Manufacturing Business


    According to forecasts, the global tissue paper market is expected to expand to nearly $40 billion by 2028, an increase of nearly 50% from its current value. Read More

  • How To Choose The Right Food Packaging Bag?


    We eat a lot of food throughout the day, and grocery bags are everywhere. However, for those in the restaurant industry, it is also important to choose the right food packaging bags for consumers. So how to choose and use food packaging bags correctly? Read More

  • Do You Know Anything About Paper Bowls?


    Paper bowls were originally invented to hold things that paper cups couldn't hold. Paper bowls can be used to hold fast food and snacks, etc. Read More

  • Can You Microwave A Paper Plate?


    At a party or a picnic, the most annoying thing to do is to clean all kinds of plates. If you don't want to do these cleanups, then the best option is to use paper plates, which will save you the trouble of cleaning. Read More

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