Inspection Method Of Food Packaging Bags

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Inspection Method Of Food Packaging Bags

Many people do not know how to inspect the packaging bags customized by the manufacturer when they buy packaging bags. In fact, there are many aspects in judging whether a packaging bag is qualified. Today we will take a look at these aspects.

1. Sealability

First of all, the sealability of the packaging bag should be good, especially the food packaging bag, which must be completely sealed. If the packaging bag leaks, it will definitely affect the quality of the food inside. It is very simple to judge whether it is leaking. You can take a random bag and add water to it to check whether it is leaking. If the packaging bag leaks, water will leak out, and if the packaging bag does not leak, water will not leak out. Or you can judge whether it is leaking or not by adding air to the packaging bag.

2. Thickness

In addition to the sealability, the thickness of the packaging bag is also very important. The packaging bags are all formed at one time, and their thickness should all be the same. If one side is thin and the other is thick, it means that the outlet port is blocked. In this case, the outlet should be cleared immediately, otherwise this batch of packaging bags will have the same condition.

3. Information on the surface of the packaging bag

In addition to the rigid quality, the various information on the packaging bag must be complete, otherwise it is classified as a substandard product. There must be an anti-counterfeiting mark and an entry date, and there must be a lot of clarification and introduction, especially the clarification of the article must be complete.

4. Environmental protection

Whether the packaging bag is environmentally friendly is also a criterion for judging whether it is qualified. Below we will teach you how to distinguish whether plastic packaging bags may be toxic and unsanitary.

  1. Use water to test plastic packaging bags: Put the plastic bag in the water and observe if the plastic bag has surfaced. The non-toxic plastic bags are floating on the surface, and the toxic plastic bags are sinking in the water.

  2. Test by shaking the plastic packaging bag: This is a very simple method. You can hold the plastic bag with your hand and shake it a few times. If the sound of a plastic bag is crisp and clean, it is a non-toxic plastic bag. If it is a dull sound, it is a toxic plastic bag.

  3. Test by burning plastic bags: Non-toxic plastic bags are easy to burn. If you observe carefully, you will find that the color of the flame when burning is yellow at the tip, and it will fall off like a candle with the burning, with a paraffin smell. Toxic plastic bags are not easy to burn, they will be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire source.

  4. Test plastic packaging bags through the color of the plastic packaging bag and the touch of the plastic bag: Non-toxic plastic bags are generally milky white or colorless and transparent, and feel lubricious to the touch. Toxic plastic bags are muddy in color and a little sticky to the touch.

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