How To Humanize Packaging Design

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How To Humanize Packaging Design

Nowadays, all kinds of products have exquisite packaging. Good-looking packaging is called personalized design, but if you consider the needs of consumers, it is called humanized design. Humanized design refers to the design process based on people’s behavior habits, human body’s physiological structure, people’s psychological conditions, and people’s way of thinking, etc. Humanized design can be embodied in packaging structure, packaging color, packaging materials, convenience and so on.

1. Humanization of packaging structure

Functionality always comes first in packaging design. Regardless of the shape of the design, packaging design should pay attention to the principle of simplicity. Designers should not blindly pursue novel styles in design and thus forget the basic requirements of packaging design. The packaging structure design is based on the basic functions of the packaging, such as protection, convenience, and reusability, and actual production conditions. At the same time, it is also a design based on scientific principles to specifically consider the external and internal structure of the packaging. A good packaging structure design should take effective protection of commodities as its primary function. Secondly, the packaging structure design should also consider the convenience of use, carrying, display, and shipping. At the same time, designers should try to consider reusable and other humanized functions.

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2. Humanization of packaging colors

Color is an important factor to beautify and highlight products, and it occupies an important position in packaging design. The humanization of packaging colors is also reflected in many aspects. For example, highlight the specific use value of the product. Such as the red color of the medicine package means nourishing the body, blue means anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, and green means pain and sedation. It also has the function of conveying the characteristics of the product, such as spicy food with red and black colors, and refreshing drink with blue and green colors. However, the use of packaging humanized colors will not stop at the traditional understanding. Sometimes the contrast is also a big surprise.

3. Humanization of packaging materials

Taking into account the transportation process and display effects of different commodities, their packaging materials are also different. Now there are packaging made of various materials, such as paper packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging, ceramic packaging, plastic packaging, cotton and linen packaging, cloth packaging and so on. In packaging design, choosing different materials according to different commodities, consumer groups, and the nature of the commodities is the embodiment of humanized design. At present, paper packaging is the most widely used of various packaging materials. It is light and flexible, easy to manufacture, display, transport, stock and handle, and is low in price.

4. Convenience for people to use

The so-called convenience for people to use means that the packaging design should allow consumers to easily open, carry, store and use.

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