How To Match Packaging Colors To Attract Customers

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How To Match Packaging Colors To Attract Customers

Packaging reflects the characteristics of a product. When the color of the packaging matches the characteristics of the product, these packaging can attract more customers. Successful color matching in packaging can also make consumers immediately associate a brand with its iconic color. Below we will introduce some packaging color matching skills.

1. Color contrast

Color contrast refers to the contrast phenomenon produced by the juxtaposition of two or more colors. Through the comparison of colors, a counterbalance is formed between colors, the difference can be highlighted, and the relationship between colors can be balanced. At the same time, people's physical, psychological and emotional needs for the beauty of balance can be met.

The most common color contrast is the contrast between cold and warm colors. We can divide the colors with a lot of long-wave red light into warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, and divide the colors with a lot of short-wave blue light into cool colors, such as blue and purple. Combining these two types of colors can create a contrast between cold and warm colors.

Of course, in addition to the contrast between cold and warm colors, complementary color contrast is also a common color contrast method. There are 12 pairs of complementary colors on the color circle, the most typical of which are red with green, yellow with purple, and orange with blue. The contrast of complementary colors is strong and vivid, which can form the strongest visual impact. In matching with another color, the characteristics of each color can be highlighted. Therefore, complementary colors are widely used in the field of visual design, such as advertising, packaging, posters, etc.

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2. Harmony of colors

The harmony of colors refers to the harmonious and orderly effect formed by rationally arranging multiple colors. Each part of this packaging design needs color harmony to highlight the main body of the packaging. In a picture with multiple colors, if color contrast is to emphasize important information, the harmony of colors makes the picture harmonious and plays an auxiliary role in conveying information. The harmony of colors can weaken the non-main focus, reduce interference factors, sort out the visual logic, and help consumers quickly understand important information.

The following are the ways of harmony of colors.

a. Similar color matching. The similar color matching scheme is displayed in a certain order by the different hues within a 90° angle formed in the hue circle, and the color scheme with gradual gradation in brightness and saturation can be presented.

b. Separate color matching. Separated color matching refers to adding achromatic, golden, silver or pure colors between strong contrast colors to form a transition. This kind of color matching can slow down the visual impact, make the picture look more natural, and better highlight the main body of the picture.

c.  Single hue color matching. Single hue color matching means that only the brightness and saturation change, while the hue remains unchanged. However, designers should pay attention to the fact that single hue color matching can easily look monotonous and weak, so you can add black and white to the brightness and saturation to form a contrast.

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