Several Different Types Of Food Packaging Bags

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Several Different Types Of Food Packaging Bags

For a long time, plastic products have been widely used in food packaging. Since plastics are extremely difficult to degrade naturally, they cause serious environmental pollution. Therefore, some countries have partially restricted the use of plastic packaging. For this reason, the development of new food packaging materials has become the consensus of the food and packaging industry. Now I will introduce several new food packaging materials to you.

1. Waterproof dehydrated packaging materials.

This kind of packaging material, called PS, chooses a semi-permeable membrane that can only permeate water as the surface material, and puts high osmotic pressure substances and polymer water-absorbing agents on the inside. The packaging material will not destroy food tissue cells, and at the same time can inhibit the activity of mold, prevent protein decomposition, reduce microbial reproduction, and achieve the effect of maintaining the freshness, concentration, and umami components of the food.

2. Water-resistant processed paper

Water-resistant processed paper has good water resistance and air permeability because the penetration rate is higher than other materials. Its surface strength and interlayer strength are high, it is antibacterial, and it can also absorb ammonia and so on. These characteristics are not obtained by additive resins and chemicals, but by the raw material pulp, so it is safe and harmless.

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3. Paper that converts solar energy to heat energy

Paper that can convert solar energy into thermal energy can function as a solar collector. Use this kind of thermal insulation material to package food, you only need to put it in a place exposed to the sun, the food in the package will be heated, and only when the package is opened can the heat be dissipated.

4. Heat-sealable wrapping paper

Heat-sealable packaging paper has the characteristics of heat-sealability, air permeability, good oil resistance, water resistance, safety and harmlessness. In order to make the packaging paper have heat-sealability, the surface of the heat-sealable resin paper should be covered with a coating or bonded with polyethylene to make it have heat-sealability. There is no need to perform secondary processing to obtain air permeability, and its air permeability can be controlled according to user requirements. The food packaged in this kind of air-permeable wrapping paper can be heated by electronic waves, and there is no steam in the package, so that the surface of the food can be kept fresh. Because of its above characteristics, heat-sealable wrapping paper can be expected as a packaging material for frozen food heated by electronic waves, and it has been used to package hamburgers.

5. Carrot paper packaging

Carrot paper is a kind of edible colored paper, which has strong flexibility and certain water resistance, and has packaging and edible functions. If people can further improve its strength and plasticity, improve its surface texture, and make it into various shapes, it can further expand its use, better protect the environment, and provide a way for deep processing of vegetables.

6. Insulation wrapping paper

The function of this kind of paper is to keep the fragrant, fresh and hotness of the cooked food after packaging, so that people can eat it conveniently on different occasions, so as to meet the fast-paced needs of people's life today.

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