What Are The Paper Packaging Materials

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What Are The Paper Packaging Materials

In the whole packaging layout as well as the growth process, as a universal packaging product, paper packaging materials are extensively used. This is due to the fact that paper materials are reduced in cost, suitable for mass mechanical production, and have great formability and also foldability, as well are suitable for exquisite printing, as well as have the advantages of recyclability, economic climate as well as environmental protection. Of course, there are also various sorts of paper materials. Today we will talk about what paper products are offered.

1. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is difficult and economical, with excellent folding and water resistance. It is usually yellow-colored brown, as well as after bleaching treatment, it is light brown, off-white or white. It is mainly utilized to make shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, and so on, in addition to food product packaging.

2. Covered paper

Coated paper is mostly refined from high-grade products such as timber and cotton fibers, and is divided right into two kinds: single-coated paper as well as double-coated paper Its paper surface is white, high level of smoothness, strong bond, and solid water resistance. It is appropriate for multi-color register printing, with intense shades and abundant gradation modifications after printing. It is usually utilized in the manufacturing of handbags, calling cards, publications as well as magazine covers.

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3. Whiteboard paper.

Whiteboard paper is cardboard with a white and also smooth front side and also gray backside. Its texture is hard and thick, it has good standing strength, surface area strength, folding resistance as well as printing flexibility. It is suitable for product packaging boxes, liners, etc.

4. White cardboard

White cardboard is a multilayer double-sided thick white cardboard with double-sided finishing and also matt therapy. Its texture is firm, it is white and also smooth, as well as it is primarily used to make gift boxes, hang tags, and bottom linings for blister packaging.

5. Corrugated paper

Corrugated cardboard is made by bonding face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper. It has the advantages of agility as well as strength, strong tons as well as pressure resistance, shock resistance, dampness resistance, and so on, as well as low cost.

The above is the paper product packaging products generally made use of in product packaging. If you want to start paper cups, paper bags etc. business, we can provide you with high quality paper cup making machines.

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