The Right Paper Bowl For Your Business

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The Right Paper Bowl For Your Business

Paper bowls are currently commonly used in a range of culinary businesses and various activities or events. The paper bowl itself is a recyclable plate made of thick paper such as cardboard. Usually, paper bowl products will be covered with plastic or wax to avoid any kind of leakage due to liquid ingredients or food soup. Compared to plastic bowls, paper bowls are considered more environmentally friendly because, as far as we know, paper materials are easily broken down by dirt. Paper bowls also come in different types and sizes, let's take a look at these different types of paper bowls.

1. 8 oz

This size is the smallest size on a paper bowl, 8.7cm at the top, 5.2cm at the bottom, and 3.3cm high. This paper bowl size is commonly used in ice cream containers.

2. 12 oz

This size has a volume of 320ml. The top dimension is 10.8 cm, the bottom diameter is 9.2 cm, and the height is 6.3 cm. Paper bowls of this size are often used for soups.

paper bowl (3)

3. 17 oz

A paper plate of this size is 11.1 cm at the top, 9.2 cm in diameter at the bottom, 8.2 cm high and 510 ml in diameter.

4. 24 oz

This size has a capacity of 720ml and is suitable for noodles, gruel and various other hot food containers. The top measures 14.1cm, the bottom measures 11.7cm, and the height is also 6.4cm.

5. 33 oz

Large capacity, capacity 990ml. Paper trays of this size can be used for a variety of food and beverages. This size has a top diameter of 14.5cm compared to an all-time low of 12.2cm and a height of 9.5cm.

These are the sizes of some different types of paper bowls. Of course, there are other sizes of paper bowls on the market. When choosing a paper bowl, you need to choose the right size paper bowl according to the type and weight of the things you want to hold.

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