The History Of The KFC Bucket

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The History Of The KFC Bucket

KFC's family bucket is a food that many people will order, but did you know that the buckets used to hold these foods can be changed again and again to present what they are now. Next, let's take a look at the development history of KFC barrels.


The very first bucket included Colonel Sanders' head and also a brownish bar with the "Kentucky Fried Poultry" name on it.


The Colonel's head was revamped, and the brownish bar was dropped. Red stripes, which KFC's pail is currently known for, were included.


In 1978, the Colonel's head had thicker outlines as well as the Kentucky Fried Chicken name remained in ITC American Typewriter Condensed.


It was simply a white history with the logo utilized at the moment.


A red history with a revamped Colonel Sanders, currently looking more like the real guy himself, with blue tones all over.


The Colonel was revamped and currently given an apron. The KFC name was changed to the Kentucky Fried Poultry name in the 1950s.


To advertise a brand-new product, Kentucky Grilled Poultry, the KFC name and the background were switched, and the "Fried" component was replaced with "Grilled.".

food packaging box


The Colonel shows up at the facility; between both sides of him is a red background with the KFC name, and also a white background with the KGC name.


The Colonel is currently put on a white circle with the expression "Freshly Prepared". The only text we see is the KFC name. At the center is 2 pieces of a hen. Below are 2 circles that claim "Hand Breaded", "Newly Prepared", and "Prepared in Our Cooking areas".


This pail has the slogan, "#HowDoYouKFC".


This pail notes the return of the traditional red-and-white striped pail from the 1970s, with the existing manifestation of Colonel Sanders' head at the center and the KFC name below him.

When KFC restored the Colonel in 2015, the "Kentucky Fried Hen" name was additionally revived too, positioned along with the KFC name. Container lids had among these phony, no-nonsense quotes composed by the Colonel.


As part of something called Re-Colonization, the KFC name was ideologically dropped, and replaced with the Kentucky Fried Poultry name, thus making it entirely like just how it was in the 1970s.

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