The History Of Paper Cups

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The History Of Paper Cups

We typically use paper cups in our everyday lives, so today we will introduce the development background of paper cups made by paper cup making machines

The 1st period: handmade paper cups

The paper cups that first came out were cone-shaped as well as made by hand. They are glued together, which are simpler to separate and also need to be used as soon as possible. Later on, folded paper cups showed up, and also folds were contributed to the sidewall to enhance the toughness of the sidewall of the paper cup and the resilience of the paper cup But it is more difficult to print patterns on these folded up surface areas, as well as the impact is not extremely satisfactory.

The 2nd duration: waxed paper cups

In 1932, the first wax-coated two-piece paper cup appeared. Its smooth surface area can be printed with various elegant patterns to improve the advertising impact. Covering paper cups with wax, on the one hand, can avoid direct call between the beverage as well as the paper, as well as can shield the adhesiveness of the glue and also boost the longevity of the paper cup. On the other hand, the density of the sidewall is also boosted, to make sure that the strength of the paper cup is substantially enhanced, therefore reducing the quantity of paper essential for making a stronger paper cup as well as decreasing the production expense. As waxed paper cups end up being containers for cold drinks, individuals also intend to use a convenient container to hold hot beverages. However, hot drinks will certainly thaw the wax layer on the internal surface area of the paper cup and also the glue will certainly separate. Consequently, generally waxed paper cups are not appropriate for holding hot beverages.

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The 3rd period: double cup.

In order to increase the application range of paper cups, double-layer paper cups were presented to the market in 1940. This paper cup is not just very easy to carry, however, additionally can be made use of to hold warm beverages. Later, the supplier used latex to these cups to cover the cardboard flavor of the paper as well as to enhance the leak-proof ness of the paper cups. At the same time, the single-layer wax-coated cup that has been covered with latex is commonly utilized in self-service vending types of equipment to hold warm coffee.

The 4th duration: plastic-coated paper cups.

With the development of technology, some food businesses started to coat polyethylene on cardboard to raise the barrier and also seal the residential properties of paper packaging. Considering that the melting point of polyethylene is a lot higher than wax, the new beverage paper cup made by paper cup machines covered with this product can be preferably made use of to hold hot beverages and solve the problem of item top quality that is influenced by the melting of the covering product. At the same time, the polyethylene paint is smoother than the initial wax paint, which improves the look of the paper cup. Additionally, its processing technology is less costly and also faster than the latex layer approach.

So the above is the background of the development of nonreusable paper cups.

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