Some Things To Consider When Buying Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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Some Things To Consider When Buying Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The use of environmentally friendly packaging has become an issue that we are paying more and more attention to. So in our daily life, what can we do to contribute to environmental protection. Let us talk about starting from small things and making the transition to environmentally friendly packaging step by step.

1. Don't change everything at once.

If you come from unsustainable practices, you may be tempted to improve the entire process to make it more environmentally friendly. But this method does more harm than good. For people who start using environmentally friendly packaging for the first time, introducing new materials and methods of doing things requires research, testing, and even trial and error. If you try to change everything at once, you and your team will be overwhelmed and will not be able to implement your plan correctly. In order to keep your efforts in good progress, please proceed slowly. Instead of replacing all consumables with green alternatives, you can just start with one or two things. For example, if your packaging boxes or mailers come in different sizes, you can choose a more suitable size first. Then you can replace the others step by step.

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2. Order product samples.

There are many companies that provide environmentally friendly packaging. The best way you want to figure out which packaging is best for you is to get some samples.

The following are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a sample.

a. Compatibility with your product

Please make sure that the packaging materials and size matches your product very well. You can put your items inside and evaluate their suitability. Does the packaging present your product in the best way? Is it easy for your customers to unpack or remove items from the packaging? These are some of the questions you should consider when choose a right packaging.

b. Durability

You need to do a stress test of the packaging. You can put your product in it, and try to recreate what a package would go through during a typical shipping. If possible, you can bend the material, and apply some pressure, or even throw it around to see if it can well protect the products inside.

c. Weight and size

We all know that the shipping cost depends on the weight and size, so it is important to choose right size and weight of the packaging to save shipping cost. The packaging should be large and durable enough to contain your products, but not too big or heavy that you end up overspending on shipping.

3. Adjust the price.

Maybe you have a budget before choosing packaging, but depending on which type of packaging you decide to use, you may end up paying more for materials and shipping costs. So when pricing products, please be sure to take this factor into account to ensure that your profits will not be affected too much.

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