Paper Cup Design Considerations

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Paper Cup Design Considerations

The paper cup is a type of paper container made by mechanical handling as well as bonding raw paper constructed from chemical wood pulp, and its look is cup-shaped. Presently, the frequently made use of paper cups includes nonreusable paper cups made by paper cup machines, marketing paper cups, reception paper cups, drink paper cups, milk tea paper cups and also other environmentally friendly paper cups! So what problems should be considered when developing paper cups?

1. Brand as well as health are both crucial

The layout of advertising paper cups should stand at the height of brand name building. The paper cup design should be based on the brand, understand the bottom lines that the brand wants to reveal, as well as play an efficient advertising duty. Additionally, when a paper cup is utilized, a person's lips will touch a certain position on the edge of the paper cup, so the natural substances, isopropanol, polishing paint and also other chemical materials in the paper cup making process will go into the body with each other and also impact human health. For that reason, do not publish anything near the top edge of the cup.

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2. Item individuality as well as quality are similarly essential

Reliable paper cup production is a focused expression of the qualities of the business, as well as the captivating company logo on the paper cup is the best promotion for the business. While promoting the corporate image, you require to take notice of the quality of paper cups, because top notch paper cup is an additional display home window of company strength. It is extremely important to guarantee health and high quality in each procedure of paper cup making. The paper utilized in inferior paper cups is very slim and conveniently deforms the cup body. Poor warm insulation results will certainly trigger hot water to heat individuals’ hands, which positions an excellent safety and security hazard and indirectly affects the corporate picture.

3. Use cool beverage cups and warm beverage paper cups independently

Paper cups require to be distinguished between cool drink cups as well as paper alcohol consumption cups, and different use is much better for wellness. In fact, the cool beverage cup and the hot drink cup carry out differently. The surface of the cool drink paper cup made by paper cup forming equipment ought to be treated with wax splashing or dipping. When the temperature level is between 0 and 5 degrees, this wax is extremely risk-free. But as long as the temperature level of the water surpasses 62 degrees, the wax will thaw as well as the paper cup will certainly soak up water and deform. At the same time, the melted paraffin has a high impurity content. If it gets in the body with the beverage, it will endanger human health and wellness. While the surface of the hot beverage paper cup will be pasted with a special film, which is not just good in warmth resistance, but also safe.

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