One Of The Three Major Food Packaging: Paper Packaging

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One Of The Three Major Food Packaging: Paper Packaging

With the continuous improvement of product packaging products, product packaging equipment and also product packaging modern technology, different packaged foods have shown up in large numbers. Such as bottled food, canned food, frozen food, aseptically packaged food, etc. Today we will primarily explain the paper product packaging in food packaging.

1. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is made from kraft pulp of softwood unrefined fiber. Its stamina is greater than that of average paper, as well as it can be utilized as huge paper bags for packaging sugar, flour and rice. Kraft paper treated with synthetic material has the qualities of moisture as well as oil resistance.

2. Sulfuric acid paper

The sulfuric acid paper deals with paper with sulfuric acid to form gelatin-like starch cellulose on the fiber surface. It has the characteristics of high strength, moisture resistance, oil resistance as well as heat-resistant sterilization temperature. It can be used for product packaging oily foods and frozen foods, occasionally as junk food lining.

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3. Wax paper.

Wax paper is treated with a reduced melting point of paraffin wax. It has the attributes of wetness resistance, oil resistance and also securing resistance. It is the cheapest product packaging product for a variety of high- and low-grade foods.

4. Cellophane

Cellophane is made by processing paper pulp after therapy with sodium hydroxide solution. It has the attributes of high transparency, good warmth insulation, grease resistance, gorgeous appearance and also low price. It is commonly utilized generally in food packaging. Nonetheless, ordinary cellophane has the shortcoming of solid hygroscopicity as well as is not appropriate for food product packaging with high water web content. The moisture-proof cellophane treated with polyvinyl chloride copolymer and also polyvinylidene chloride resin has outstanding wetness resistance.

5. Compound paper

Compound paper is a laminated material of paper, plastic, aluminum foil, and so on. It has extensive efficiency as well as can be used for packaging general food, frozen food, beverage and aseptic packaging. There are some kinds of paper containers made of composite paper.

a. Milk cartons, etc.

Usually, it is made of polyethylene-paper-polyethylene-aluminum foil-polyethylene 5-layer composite paperboard. It has insulation against water vapor and oxygen. It can be used for packaging fluid beverages such as milk and juice.

b. Paper cups, containers, etc made of paper as well as plastic composite products.

They are extensively made use of in the packaging of frozen foods and also fast foods. Specifically, paper cups, as well as cartons constructed from polyethylene-paper-polyethylene are mainly utilized for gelato packaging.

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