How Food Packaging Design Expresses The Good Taste Of Food

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How Food Packaging Design Expresses The Good Taste Of Food

Food packaging brings to consumption the first visual and psychological perception of taste. Therefore, the quality of food packaging directly affects product sales. The colors of many foods themselves are not beautiful, but through various expression techniques, their shapes and colors are more perfect and richer, and they are more attractive to consumers.

Successful food packaging can not only quickly grab the attention of consumers, but also make people feel that the food in the packaging is fresh and delicious, creating an urge to buy immediately. So, how to design food packaging to get people's interest?

1. Color is the most important thing in food packaging design, and it is also the fastest information consumers can receive, which can set a tone for the entire packaging. Some colors can give a good taste hint, and some colors are just the opposite. For example, gray and black have a bitter feeling, dark blue and cyan look a bit salty, and dark green gives a sour feeling. You have to be more cautious when using these colors in large quantities in food packaging. Of course, this is not to say that all food packaging cannot use these groups of colors. The choice of the final color of the packaging must also consider the taste of the food, the eating scene, etc.

2. Since there are many different ways of expressing taste, if the designer wants to convey the information of taste to consumers correctly, the designer must perform the expression according to the method and law of people's perception of color.

For example, red fruits give people a sweet taste, and red is used for packaging mainly to convey sweet taste. Red also gives people a warm and festive association. The application of red to food, tobacco, and wine also has a festive and enthusiastic meaning.

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The yellow color reminds people of freshly baked pastries, exuding a seductive fragrance. Therefore, when designers want to express the aroma of food, they can use yellow more.

And if designers want to express the taste of freshness, tenderness, crispness, sourness, etc., they usually use the color of the green series to express. What is interesting is that the colors of human food are colorful, but blue foods that can be eaten by humans are rarely seen in real life. Therefore, the main function of blue in food packaging design is to enhance visual impact.

3. At the same time, different shapes and styles of pictures or illustrations on food packaging also give consumers taste hints.

Round, semicircle, and oval decorative patterns make people feel warm and soft. They are usually used for mild-tasting foods, such as pastries, preserves, and even convenience foods.

The square and triangle patterns are the opposite, which will give people a feeling of cold, hard, crisp, and dry. Obviously, patterns of these shapes are more suitable for puffed food, frozen food, and dry goods.

In addition, the use of pictures can stimulate consumers' appetite. More and more packaging designers put the physical photos of the food on the packaging to show consumers the appearance of the food in the packaging, which arouses consumers' desire to buy.

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