Aspects To Consider In The Design Of Food Packaging Bags-Part Two

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Aspects To Consider In The Design Of Food Packaging Bags-Part Two

In the last issue, we talked about several aspects that need to be considered in the product design of food packaging bags. Today we will introduce the other four aspects.

1. Modeling and structural design should meet scientific requirements

The packaging design should meet the geometrical requirements, and try to use the least packaging materials to make larger-volume containers, which can save packaging materials and meet environmental protection requirements.

The structural design of the packaging container should meet the mechanical requirements, and the compressive strength, impact resistance, and drop resistance should meet the requirements of the storage, transportation, and sales of the packaging.

The shape and design of packaging containers should be innovative. For example, pineapple-shaped containers are used to pack pineapple juice, and apple-shaped containers are used to pack apple juice and other lively packaging containers are worth promoting. The packaging container should be easy to open or open repeatedly, so that it can be used multiple times.

2. Compliance with packaging regulations

From the beginning to the end of the packaging, each step should be selected according to packaging standards and regulations, sealing, printing, binding and labeling, etc. The standardized process should run through the entire packaging process. This is conducive to the supply of raw materials, commodity circulation and international trade, etc. The recycling of packaging containers and the disposal of waste packaging materials shall comply with environmental protection requirements.

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3. Packaging inspection

Modern packaging is completed through the use of advanced packaging technology and packaging equipment based on scientific analysis, calculation, reasonable material selection, design and decoration. As a qualified commodity, besides the product should be tested, the packaging must also go through various tests. Such as the air permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, moisture resistance of the packaging container, the reaction between the packaging container and the food, the residual amount of the packaging material in the food, the resistance of the packaging material to the packaged food, the compressive strength, burst strength, and impact strength of the packaging container.

There are many types of packaging tests, and test items can be selected according to specific conditions and regulatory requirements.

4. Packaging decoration design and packaging brand awareness

The packaging and decoration design should conform to the consumer's hobbies and habits. The pattern is best coordinated with the items to be packed inside. The trademark should be in an obvious position, the text description should meet the requirements of food packaging, and the product description should be true. Trademarks should be easy to understand, easy to circulate, and can have a publicity effect. The packaging design of brand-name products should be brand-conscious, and some product packaging is easy to change, which affects sales.

For example, a certain brand product has a good reputation in Japan and Southeast Asia. However, the sales volume after the replacement of the packaging has fallen sharply because consumers have doubts about the new packaging. Therefore, a product should be packaged scientifically and cannot be easily changed.

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