Aspects To Consider In The Design Of Food Packaging Bags-Part One

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Aspects To Consider In The Design Of Food Packaging Bags-Part One

The design and selection principle of modern food packaging is based on the protective requirements of the packaged food. We need to scientifically select packaging materials with good protective functions, and carry out reasonable structural design and packaging decoration design. At the same time, we must use sophisticated and reliable packaging machinery and equipment, and adopt advanced packaging technology to achieve the purpose of protecting food and extending the shelf life. Below we will introduce the methods of selecting packaging materials for food packaging bags from different aspects.

1. Must understand the protective requirements of food

The chemical composition, physical and chemical properties of different foods are different, so the protective requirements of different foods are also different. For example, the packaging of tea should be high oxygen barrier (to prevent the effective ingredients from being oxidized), high moisture resistance (prevent tea leaves from being damp and moldy), high light resistance (the chlorophyll in tea will change under the action of sunlight). At present, a considerable part of the tea on the market is packaged in ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, which greatly wastes the effective ingredients of the tea, and the quality of the tea cannot be guaranteed.

Contrary to tea packaging, fruits, vegetables, etc. have respiration after being picked, and the packaging is required to be breathable. For example, roasted coffee beans slowly release carbon dioxide after packaging, and cheese also produces carbon dioxide after packaging. Therefore, their packaging bags should have high oxygen barrier and high carbon dioxide permeability. Raw meat, processed meat foods, beverages, snacks, baked foods, etc. also have very different protective requirements for packaging. Therefore, the packaging should be designed scientifically according to the different nature and different protective requirements of the food itself.

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2. Choose packaging materials with suitable protection functions

Modern food packaging materials mainly include plastics, paper, composite materials, glass bottles, metal cans, etc. When we choose packaging materials, we must consider whether this material is suitable for packaging the corresponding food.

3. Using advanced packaging technology methods

In order to extend the shelf life of food, we must adopt new packaging technologies that are constantly being developed. For example, active packaging, mildew-proof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti-fog packaging, anti-static packaging, selective breathable packaging, non-slip packaging, cushioning packaging, etc. The application of these advanced technologies can significantly improve the protective function of packaging.

4. Choose packaging equipment that matches the food processing technology

In order to meet the needs of food processing technology, a variety of new packaging equipment has been developed, such as vacuum packaging machines, vacuum inflatable packaging machines, heat shrink packaging machines, blister packaging machines, skin packaging machines, sheet thermoforming equipment, liquids Filling machine, forming/filling/sealing packaging machine, complete aseptic packaging equipment, etc. According to the selected packaging materials and packaging technology, the selection or design of packaging machinery that matches the food processing technology and production capacity is the guarantee of successful packaging.

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