About Dual Wall Cup Machine And Paper Cup Equipment

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About Dual Wall Cup Machine And Paper Cup Equipment

With the ban on single-use plastic items like plastic plates, spoons, straws, bowls, and cups, there has been a rising demand for nonreusable paper items like paper cups, paper plates, paper bowls, etc. So starting a paper product production business, particularly paper cups is a good idea because it is booming as well as the right time to enter the marketplace.

To begin the business of generating paper cups the double-wall cup machine and also the conventional paper cup device are the two very suggested alternatives of devices. So understanding the distinction between them is important.

As the name suggests, the double-wall cups consist of surge insulation and also are thick sufficient to protect your hands from the heat of the hot beverages. In a nonprofessional's terms, a double-wall cup has 2 layers of paper whereas the regular paper cup consists of just a single wall surface of the paper.

paper cup making machine

Now, let's contrast the distinction between a dual wall cup equipment and also a paper cup device

1. Power: Production of a normal paper cup eats less energy when compared to double-wall cup equipment. This will help you to decrease your roughly 15-20% of the total power price.

2. Transport: The regular paper cup maker is much less hefty contrasted to the double-wall cup machine, which consequently helps in lowering transport-related exhausts.

3. Decrease in the paper board: Normal paper cup equipment makes use of approximately 50-55% much less paper board than the double wall surface cup machines, so it causes much less cutting of trees. You understand the impacts of deforestation on the atmosphere.

4. Reduction in Carbon Footprint: Thinking about all the aspects pointed out as well as a few of the other elements, there's a considerable reduction in carbon footprint i.e. approximately 20%.

The single-wall cup can serve hot milk-based drinks up to 80 degrees C, however, it comes to be challenging for a person to hold it with bare hands. Then maybe it can be better for a double-wall paper cup. Besides this double-wall cup machines produces cups, that are tough and can be used for branding. You can even print your business information on the cups as well as promote your company, which can be an economical way of branding.

So double wall paper cup machine or ordinary paper cup machine? It depends on your needs

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